Monday, April 16, 2012

21 minutes a day is enough for a flat stomach

If you want a flat stomach, the best exercises that the shortest time to achieve this is combination of aerobics and Pilates, according to experts,and it is enough to make only twenty-one minute a day workout!

Of equipment enough you can have jumping rope and sponge that will do the exercises.

Twenty-minute workouts should be started with stretching exercises.

Choose exercises that strengthen abdominal muscles and change the exercises every minute for all muscles in the body to "warm up". All the standard exercises that you know can come into consideration.

For example, sit on the floor, spread your legs and spread them with your handsand alternately touch the opposite foot (right foot with your left hand, right hand, leftfoot) and slowly accelerate. After seven minutes, take the jump rope and practice with the rope for two minutes.

Repeat it two more times before you notice any fat from the belly will disappear!

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