Monday, April 16, 2012

Coffee is slowing down the hyperactiv people and speeding up slow people

Scientists studied the influence of people's motivation to work, it depends on their economic and personal success. People who want to work more quickly to advance under the influence of caffeine avoid work. But the caffeine activates those people who tent to be slackers
"The important thing is to consider that none of us decided the same way. Some trouble will remain a few hours of work as soon as possible to advance, while others are important to their job and get paid "- stressed host of research, J Hosking.
If you are prone to slower pace of work, caffeine can give you the needed energy, but if you are unfamiliar with overtime, cup of coffee could cause a counter effect and slow you down. This can easily notice it in everyday life. In some of us coffee helps wake up and be more concentrated work, while some causes irritability - added Hosking.
Certain disorders such as hyperactivity and depression can also affect motivation.

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