Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nettle - the ideal ally for spring detoxification

With the advent of spring everyone wants to be and feel vital, fresh and stout. Perfect ally it will be nettle tea. Fact sheets and the Nettle root is an inevitable ingredient of herbal teas and drops to purify the blood, fostering a better job of the liver, reducing fat in the blood and improve circulation.

With hives, the liver will facilitate the digestion of grease food and  will help with the melting of sand or stone.

Nettle tea gives a contribution to the detoxification of the body and has always been used to treat urinary tract infections and many kidney diseases.

It is believed that the beneficial effect on metabolism and strengthens immunity.Large amounts of potassium in nettle makes a natural diuretic, and iron in nettle helps create red blood grains.

Nettle tea is purifying the blood, stimulates recovery of blood cells and helps troubled skin, stimulates fat burning and general good works of the organism.

Nettle is a healing herb that has the more frequently used, it allows us nettle tea.The leaves of nettles have some of the most important vitamins such as K, B2, C, organic acids and minerals (iron, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium). Nettle is especially important for regulating the content of sugar in the blood.

The cleaner body is the first recommendation for detoxification treatments.

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