Monday, May 14, 2012

Beauty is in the proper afflicted makeup - Diego Dalla Palma

And for that there are several tricks that gladly reveals famous makeup artist, Diego Dalla Palma .For a woman to look perfect and seductive, it must be made-up. However, proper use of mascara and lipstick can be helpful ...

From what makeup should never give up?

Shadows and eye pencil are basic products without that factor. If a woman has a nice shaped lips - lipstick is mandatory.

Which parts of the face should be highlighted?

View best expresses sex appeal. To come in first, Diego Dalla Palma proposes using a black pencil inside the eye gaze is seductive and mysterious. If you have dark, dark, same pencil can also be used for eyebrows, while women with lighter skin, you should use lighter shades lighter and pencil. The eyes look seductive, even when you upgrade the makeup with mascara.

What color to choose?

Depends on the woman and fashion. Generally, gray, blue and green colors are cold and not sexy enough. Orange, the color of copper and all earthen colors, sent sensuous messages. 

The woman seems much more seductive, if passionate, and it will reach the red lipstick. "Intellectual" look is achieved through light powder that highlights the color and expression of the eyes.

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