Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to get a better, healthier tan this summer?

Bronze tan looks very attractive and glamorous and 60% of women in the world precisely for this reason feel more attractive with this skin color ...
According to dermatologists, the resulting artificial tanning causes premature aging of skin. Because tanning is not recommended. Fortunately there are already many tools that will gradually lead to the desired tan skin, and moisturizing means that nourished.

Important is the care of the person. If the lady wants to have the same tan, no marks, you should use the assets comprised a bronzant. Nice tone to be reached gradually, and the product is applied evenly, not spots remain.
For the body is better able to choose milk with soft bronzant, which is applied regularly. This mechanism of acquiring tan differs from the standard skin. The creams contain dehidroksiaceton which oxidizes the top layer of skin. For tan to look natural, should not interfere with bronzant hydrating body cream.
It remains only to determine the hue of tan to be reached. Well is not exaggerating.

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