Saturday, August 11, 2012

4 Exercises for Speed, Strength and Metabolism

These strengthening exercises will make you feel strong self moved small furniture or lift large watermelon. In you will feel the power to do almost everything.
The speed of movement is a priority and you lifted, pushed and drag. They will have explosive energy in a short time.
Ball exercise 1

Take the ball and hold it over your head. Let your hands be slightly bent.Let your legs be spread as shoulders.
Stretch back to the ball as you can, drop to the floor with the ball in front of you and hard trow the ball to the floor. The exercise you can perform and standing on one leg.
Ball exercise 2

Take the ball and stand about one meter from the wall with your left hand closer to the wall. Hold the ball at chest height with arms straight and rotate the torso to the right. Hands need to be straight and parallel to the floor. Allow the hips to rotate naturally.
Quickly change the direction as you throw harder toward the wall on your left. As will be deducted from the wall ball grasp it and repeat the movement. Then do the same, but with the right side towards the wall and throwing in the opposite direction.
Exercise with weights 1

Take a pair of dumbbells and hold them in height below the knee. Let your legs be the width of the weights. Explosively lift the weights up. Bend your elbows and lift the weights.
In one move straight the hips, knees and ankles. Repeat!
Weight exercise 2

Replace the weight in one hand. Kneel, weight hold in the middle between your legs and arms straight. Lower back let you be a little bent, heels fixed on the floor. Let your feet a little wider than the width of the shoulders.
In a move to try to take tegot ceiling without play. Bend your arm and raise your elbow as you higher. Hold tegot as close to your body all the time. You can not put up tegot so strong as to lift a finger. Let the forearm to rotate until you correct the arm with the palm toward the ceiling.
Then lower your body down with the weight and push your hips out.

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