Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Want a flat tummy? Here's the cure!

Although the consumption of fruit is one of the best ways to avoid the accumulation of excess weight, we must not forget the power of vegetables. During the cold season spoil your self with delicious salads selected vegetables and watch as the fat melt away.
Sometimes even with a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity fat seems to have decided to stay in place. So between meals, crunch some vegetables, because it is full of antioxidants that help the body get rid of all the toxins and harmful substances that have accumulated in the body. In addition, certain types of vegetables have the power to melt the accumulated fat in the body.

Here are some of the most effective combinations ...
Broccoli and cauliflower
This kind of vegetable has no calories and is full of antioxidants and fiber. Nutritionists say that the secret to losing excess weight is increased fiber intake. Therefore, if you eagerly want to get rid of stomach fat and famous "love bags", enjoy the white and green vegetables daily. In addition, broccoli and cauliflower will slow down your digestive system work you will get the feeling of satiety and minimize the desire for food.
Chilly Peppers 
If you suffer from slow metabolism, it's time to speed things up. Hot peppers contain the "magic ingredient" Capsaicin which contributes to the acceleration of the heart rate, and thus speeds up the metabolism and encourages weight loss. In fact other types of bitter vegetables are excellent for melting fat and calories, so let fantasy and combine them with chilly peppers in various meals.
Carrots rich in carotene, which is actually a compound that cleans the body of accumulated toxins that often cause stomach bloating. And exactly these toxins are the cause of the formation of fat around the stomach.Desired slender line and a healthy metabolism you can make with this vegetable, which you can eat in the form of delicious salads or juices.
Nutritionists have found that garlic is one of the best natural diuretics and perfect fighter accumulated toxins and fat in the body. The natural ingredients of garlic melt fat and prevent their re-creation in the abdomen.
This amazing vegetables have high levels of iron and magnesium. And thanks to these ingredients, the radishes can clean up the lining of the stomach, improve the function of the digestive system and help you to lose unwanted pounds.


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