Wednesday, June 20, 2012


You've decided to start dieting with watermelon?That means you should eat watermelon constantly throughout the day and even night. The diet lasts for 5 days and it is quite enough to clear the body of toxins, excess water, salts, weight and other problems.

You should eat watermelon around the clock if you want to lose weight. One kilogram of watermelon for every 10 pounds of your body weight, which means if you have 60 pounds you need 6 pounds of watermelon a day, and if you're 85 pounds should eat 8.5 kg for 24 hours.
Meals should themselves allocate them to you as you see fit. Moreover allowed only: slice chicken or fish (baked) for lunch, cup sour milk for dinner, and morning two boiled eggs. You can add fresh seasonal salads as needed.
Watermelon has only 28kkal on 100 grams.

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