Monday, June 25, 2012

6 exercises to tighten buttocks

For butt causing a reaction when you spend toned thighs and has a simple formula - sit ups! Here are a few versions of this exercise that will make hardly wait to put on your bikini.
"Sit down-stay exercise is the best exercise for sexy lower body because the tightened muscles of the buttocks and thighs better than many other movements, "says Dianne Sykes Scope psychologist to practice in New York.
Coach celebrities Kim Lyons invented these 6 strenuous but effective exercises.

                                                                       EXERCISE 1:

Stand with your feet spread over the width of the shoulders, and hands on hips.Kneel until thighs do not become parallel to the floor, then lift both heels as shown. Lower the heels, and lift them to repeat etc..

                                                                       EXERCISE 2:

With legs spread as shoulders squat down with fingers to the floor before your feet. Keep your fingers on the floor, lift the hips, stretch the buttocks back with your knees slightly bent double. Back to the beginning and repeat.
                                                                      EXERCISE 3:

With legs spread as shoulders and arms on your hips. Kneel, stand and vigorously bring your right foot in front of the body how to kick balls and left arm bent forward, and right back. Change sides to complete one repetition.
                                                                     EXERCISE 4:

Stand with your legs spread as shoulders and hands behind head. Kneel and look up lifting the left knee before the body towards the right elbow towards the center of the body. Change sides to complete one repetition.

                                                                    EXERCISE 5:

Stand with your legs spread. Kneel deep with hands behind his back.Become so lift the left leg and drop it back until it becomes parallel with the floor and stretch your arms forward. Hold for a bit and go back to the beginning.

                                                                   EXERCISE 6:

Kneel with your back to the wall, feet together, thighs parallel to the floor and hands on hips. Maintain contact with the back and buttocks to the wall as the running knee to the chest as shown. Do it with the other leg to complete one repetition.
SUMMARY QUICK TIPS FOR EFFECT: Put the butt as you sit on chair with thighs parallel to the floor and knees over the toes or feet, spread your feet to turn out with all the weight on the heels so that your fingers will be free. Keep fast atleast most you can!

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