Monday, June 25, 2012

6 exercises for dream legs

If prolonged sitting in an armchair at work and movement kept to a minimum during the winter you have taken their toll time to begin arranging the situation.
Tighten your legs and smooth the cellulite with exercise!
Known coach Dolvett Quince you suggested range of exercises tonirani and strained legs. He has helped Justin Bieber to tighten your body, it is now okay to you.
Do for 3 sets of each exercise three times a week.
                                                                        EXERCISE 1:

Start on all fours, knees under hips, hands slightly ahead of the shoulders.Lift the right knee to the side at the height of hip, so turn 12 large circles opposite clockwise like the image, then 12 in the opposite direction. Change legs and repeat.

Lie face up, knees bent, feet flat. Stretch your right to the ceiling with his fingers tightened. Lift the hips and Create rights diagonal from left knee to shoulder. Lift the hips higher, so drop to the floor for one repetition. Do this 15 times. Change legs and repeat.

Lift the right knee to hip height, fingers stretched and hands behind head.Tighten abdominal muscles as you run left heel as you can above the floor, balancing on toes as shown. Keep fast at least for 3 seconds, then lower the heel of one repetition. Do 15 repetitions, switch legs and over.

Step forward with right leg forward jump, hands on the side, rotating the upper body to the right until your hands are settled by the right thigh as shown.Rotate the center removing the right to the back to meet left. Do the opposite of a recurrence.

Start on all fours, knees under hips, hands slightly ahead of the shoulders.Lift and stretch your right leg as high as you can with your fingers tight.Keep the right leg and put your right foot over left fingers to the floor.Then restart your right foot as you can and move it towards the right one repetition. Do 15 times.

Stand with feet together, hands joined before his chest. With left foot step forward . Jump from the floor immediately high as you can and landed with right foot forward for 1 repetition. Do 15 repetitions as soon as possible.

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