Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Eight exercises for keeping your breasts in tip-top shape

They still look great, but not as early in your 20's. Gravity over the years hits your breasts, so they are no longer so rigid and uploaded.
Coach Marlo Fisken will help you how to restore their former shape and re-recorded with the neckline. He suggests you range of 8 exercises for lifting the breasts .
You should do 2 or 3 sets of these exercises three times a week. You get two elastic straps.


Start with elastic strap under your right foot back. Hold the ends with each hand at shoulder height, then bend your elbows parallel to the floor and elbows shall be behind you. Slowly return your hands at the beginning so that you stretch forward strongly.Repeat 8 times, so replace your legs.

Stand with your legs spread and end of the elastic strips under each foot. Hold the other end in the opposite hand so that the tapes will be crossed in front of you, and hands on the side. Bend your knees and squat, stretching your hands slowly to the side. As you uncurl your legs to stand, simultaneously change hands. Back in the kneeling position for a repeat and do the exercise 12 times.

Stand on left leg, put the elastic strap around the right and hold the ends of the arms.Stretch your right leg and hands before you get started. Bend your arms and pull your elbows right back as shown. Keep your back straight and shoulders down and back.Slowly releases your hands, keeping your legs stretched out. Repeat 8 times, then replace the foot.

Start on the ground on her knees and hands with fingers spread nicely. With a circular motion transfer your weight on the right hand tilt toward the floor, then transfer the weight through the body of the left hand and go back to start. Repeat 4 times, then change the direction, bending the left side first.

Start on the ground with hands directly under shoulders putting them on paper (below) or plastic dishes (the carpet) to slip. Keeping your arms straight, slowly slide the front of you in the V shape, moving the chest toward the floor. Floated above the floor if you can and then rest on the floor. Bend your arms to slide her hands under shoulders and return to the beginning. Repeat 8 times.

Stop the tape to practice with his legs spread, holding the edges of the tape in her hands.Hands down the side, squat and bend slightly at the waist, keeping your back flat. Bring the statusbar behind you, holding your hands straight, pressing the shoulders to each other and feeling back open as shown. Slowly release the hands of a recurrence. Do the exercise 12 times.

Stand to the side with right leg bent and right foot outward at an angle. Put one end of the tape under the right leg. Fold in half so that the chest through the right hip to be on the floor and arms stretched out towards the sides to get started. In the fast moving stretch bookmarks bar up and back diagonally across the body, such as running the torso and rotate open as shown. Slowly return to start and repeat 10 times. Then the other side.

Start on the ground in inverted V position, with hands and feet on the floor and buttocks raised high. Lower your left forearm on the floor, then lower your right forearm on the floor as shown. Straighten the left elbow and straighten the right elbow to return early.Repeat 4 times, then change the direction by first put down the right forearm.

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