Monday, January 28, 2013

With Pilates Ball to Tighten Abs

Bernie Zurella, a former wrestler, created these 6 creative tutorials extra effective on your abdominal and butt.
Only thing that you need is a Pilates ball and a little time. Practice 3 times a week and your problem areas will soon become history.

Lie face up and the ball between your feet. Rely on right hip and elbow, and the left hand must be flat set on the floor behind you.
Push the ball and lift your legs as much as you higher. Hold, then turn it back on top again. Repeat 12 times.
Lie face up, heels on the ball, his arms stretched out on the floor. Engage stomach so it will slowly lifting to touch the tips of your fingers.

Sit on the ball and tilt back with hands on the floor behind you, palms down and facing outwards, legs stretched.
Bring your right knee toward your chest, go back to the beginning, then repeat with the left. Do this 12 times.
Start position for the ball push-ups with his forearms, hands joined.
Pull your right knee forward to touch the ball, then quickly go back to the beginning, then repeat with the left knee. Make the exercise 12 times.
Lie face up, hands behind head, elbows out, the ball between the feet, legs stretched over the floor.
Lift the left side and touch your right knee to the left elbow, as shown in the picture. Back to top, repeat with the opposite side and make a total of 12.
Lie face up on the ball, arms stretched above his head. Lift as you get down to the imaginary rope, first with his right hand as shown in the picture, so left.
Continue until you arrive in a position to sit. Do the opposite movements to return to the beginning of an iteration. Do 12 repeats

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