Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Home remedies to beat cellulite

Time for short skirts, short pants and swimwear is behind us, but that does not mean you should neglect cellulite.
There is no simple way to get rid of cellulite and fight against him should be opt by any available means: exercise, a healthy diet and a large amount of water, and in this mode, add these simple treatments that you can do at home.

Massage with coffee
Coffee contains caffeine which stimulates circulation and is the mail ingredient in anti cellulite creams and preparations. Caffeine helps in the breakdown of fat cells that create recognizable orange peel, stimulates metabolism and lymph flow, reduces flatulence skin. Coffee in the fight against cellulite you can use so that the shower gel (preferably peeling gel against cellulite) will add the appropriate amount of ground coffee. Then distribute the mixture to the affected areas and massage in a circular motion several minutes. Wash everything together with alternating hot and cold water jets. Even more effective would be if playing with a glove or massage brush.
Bets with cinnamon
Cinnamon stimulates the excretion of outstanding waste from the skin and also reduces fat. Use the milk so that the body against cellulite will cover the thighs, then the cinnamon milk in copious amounts. Then thighs Wrap with foil and leave to act for half an hour. Then remove the foil and rinse the skin with alternating cold and hot water jets.
Attack with clay
The clay is one of best body detox because itself bind harmful substances. Clay add a little water to get a thick mixture. Do not mix the clay and water, but leave the clay alone to absorb the water.Then apply the mixture to the affected parts and rotate them with foil, for further preheating place.After 15 minutes the foil remove and rinse the clay, first with warm water, and after that continue with alternating hot and cold water jets. Skin then roughly rubbed with a towel, to better blood supply to the skin and tissue nutrition and grease cellulite cream.


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