Friday, January 18, 2013

7 vigorous exercise for fat loss

Fitness coach Angela Leigh gives you the secret of good figure. Vigorously performing these simple exercises you accelerate fat burning in your body.

Stand with your legs spread, hands behind head, elbows out. Kneel as image, become closer left elbow towards the left hip. Kneel and repeat to the right.
Lie down on the ground, stretch your arms in front of you, raise your head off the floor, and parallel lift and legs. Hold also counting to 5, then lower and repeat again.

Lie face up, legs joined and raised toward the ceiling, hands behind head, elbows out, shoulders raised. Lower the left foot down to hover above the floor.
Back to top, then repeat with the right leg.
Start position of push-ups, but put your right hand forward on the left, and do push-ups. It was done with the left hand.
Then place your right hand in front of you, and bring your left to meet. So replace your right hand on top and left and do push-ups. Repeat.
Stand with fused legs, arms to the side. Jog in one place, hitting with heels on buttocks.
Merge your feet, tilt forward and place your hands on the floor under the shoulders.
Keeping your hands on the floor, jump and shutnete with legs in the air as you higher, approaching the knees towards the chest and landing early.Continue quickly jumping.
Stand with feet together, knees soft, hands clasped on his chest. With feet together jump as much as you can right and left. Then jump up, opening his arms and legs wide. Back at the beginning and quickly repeat.

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