Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tips to make your face 5 years younger

All women want to look younger, some of them sometimes undergo amazing treatments to accomplish.But the good news is that they do not do anything radical to remove the face up to five years. With a few tips that do not involve buying expensive creams or visit a plastic surgeon, you can look years younger.

Bright patches - Light shades will provide your face softer, more natural and younger look. Not suggest black hair color to switch to blue, but a few patches in the warmer brown hues of honey or bija will surely refresh your look.
Bangs - If you decide your look to refresh with bangs, then you should opt for "soft" bangs. Sharp cut bangs, and just like strict hairstyle will make your face look sharper and older. But with soft bangs that gently round your face will look younger in an instant.
Pink blush - Brown and red shades will make you look older. Therefore it is better to opt for pink shades that will open up your face and will provide freshness. To feels fresher look, opt for a pink blush with shine particles that reflect light.
Thicker eyebrows - too thin eyebrows, style Pamela Anderson, though long out of fashion will make you look older. Slightly thicker, nicely delineated eyebrows focus will return to your eyes a few years removed from your face.
Dark tan - With eight hours of sleep ,healthy diet and plenty of water, light tan may look nice. But he is often associated with fatigue or tired appearance reflects, therefore the person is recommended to give a little color.The stores will easily find self tanning face products , so it would be bad for a drop of cream or lotion it every week to turn in their routine care.

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