Friday, September 21, 2012

6 exercises for tighter body

If this summer I learned the lesson that the quarterly exercise will give you a perfect body on the beach, this year is likely to start from now.
Exercises throughout the year will they please your body and health.Therefore trainer Denise Thomas devised a range of exercises that will you sweat a litle and lose the exessive weight you might have.

Scorpion Intake

Lie face down, arms stretched to the side, palms down, feet together, toes on the floor. With the hands in place rotate the torso to the right, so with the right foot out to the left hand one iteration, as shown in the picture.
Back to top Repeat with opposite side.


Stand with legs wide spread. Keeping your legs straight place your hands on the floor and move on all four.


Lie face up with a folded towel under the lower back, feet together, knees open to the sides and his hands behind his head on the floor. Become touching feet with hands.


Stand with your feet placed hip width, toes slightly outward, the weight on the heels and hold tegche with both hands stretched out at eye level.Uploaded builds  kneel down until hips but do not go below the knee, as shown in the picture.


Part of the series and the old well-known push-ups. Put yourself in the position face down with legs stretched out and bend your arms to tilt down the body until the chest and thighs do not touch the floor, then lift and repeat.


Lie face up, feet together, toes stretched Lynx, arms stretched above his head on the floor and hands to each other.
Engage stomach and raise your shoulders and feet off the floor, creating a banana shape with your body image. Return to start and repeat.

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