Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beauty tips that you never knew

Even the tree sparrows know how beneficial is to drink water for your health and diet. But there are some other tips for beauty, and if I know you helped a lot.
Plastic bottles are not only harmful to the environment, they are harmful for our skin. The ingredients which are water bottled in plastic bottle causing premature appearance of wrinkles, and thereby many effects on health.
Burns can occur from direct exposure to the sun but besides sun exist many other sources of heat that you should be aware off. Dermatologists recommend not to sit in close proximity to heaters or not to sit too long in the sun, because it weakens the collagen in the skin, which leads to aging.

Any moisturizing cream is a good cream. Dermatologists recommend to use a moisturizing cream daily. Any cream that is moisturizing dklarirana as good for the skin. It contains ingredients that hydrate the skin, thus giving shine and elasticity needed.
The sun is everywhere. Do not forget to put cream with SPF. The sun is everywhere. Even when sitting in the shade UV rays reach you. So do not forget to apply moisturizer with SPF before leaving his home.
And sleep can cause wrinkles. Do not think only of going to bed with a dirty face. And sleep causes wrinkles.Therefore it is best to choose a silk jacket for your pillow. This will prevent wrinkles.

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