Monday, August 13, 2012

4 Steps to skin without cellulite

Heading for the beach in your bikinis and getting ready to be cuddled by the waves and with skin without cellulite that shines under the August sun.To achive that follow these 4 simple steps:
Water is essential in this battle. It will remove excess salt from your body.
Consume foods that are rich in water. Watermelon, for example is 90 percent water and has only 46 calories per cup so you can eat without having to worry about weight. Plums and mangoto also excellent, and rich with vitamin A and C and antioxidants. They prevent cracking of collagen and improve the skin structure.
Catch of cardio exercises, and if you spell it right exercise is "sit down-stay."You will have a melting cellulite by the decomposition of fat in the muscles of your butt and thighs, riskiest areas of cellulite.
When falling silently not allow your knees to touch your fingers and do 3 sets per week with 12 to 20 sit ups. For one month you will notice results.
Apply the anti-cellulite cream before you get dressed in short skirt. It will hold tight skin for hours.
Those with caffeine content in eliminating water from connecting tissue, making them less visible bumps. Of course drinking espresso will not bring this effect, because opt-in search of this cream.
Before you apply make you scrub the body to remove dead cells from the surface that will prevent penetration of the cream. Also rubbing Warm skin for it easier to absorb the cream.
For additional help in fighting cellulite reduce salt in food.
Spray tanning
If you fail in everything else, then use the trick of top models and cover the uneven skin fake tan.
Objects in mirror appear smaller when they are darker, and it applies to cellulite. Whether you use a lotion or self tanning spray , first make skin piling. Even the angels of Victoria's Secret are in need of such camouflage.
Apply the lotion in circular movements and if you do not have time for drying the skin with dryer with cold air.

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