Sunday, June 10, 2012

6 smart ways for fast weight loss

Use these 6 clever options for fast weight loss and say goodbye to heavy diets and exhausting training.

1. Green peppers on the grill

1 serving of grilled green peppers contain no more than 4 calories.Is time to include them in your weekly plan for losing weight.
2. Sherry tomatoes
1 cup of tomato contains links only 30 calories.Make green salad in which add couple sherry tomatoes.
3. Sushi balls with brown rice
A ball contains only 28 calories so you can freely eat  5 such balls feel without feeling guilt.
4. Pancakes with Broccoli
1 serving of pancakes with broccoli contains no more than 80 calories. Enjoy the magical effect of broccoli in your digestive system
5. Toast with scallions
This combination is perfect for losing weight and contains only 25 calories.
6. Tomatoes and Cream
1 serving contains only 70 calories. Enjoy the delicious taste of these ingredients and make yourself a tasty breakfast without a pinch of guilt.

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