Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Choose a swimsuit by the shape of your body!

Skip hard working workouts ... Simply find the best swimwear - in the shape of your body!
If you are round:
Do not be afraid to buy more. The coverage is crucial. Show your body, but always buy a bathing suit that is loose enough so as not to "cuts" skin
Deep bottom, the more you izdolzhi and good will suits and tops with V expression.

If you have tummy:
Pay attention around him. For example, select one-piece bathing suit details the bottom, highlight long legs.Retro costumes bathing in Marilyn Monroe style will emphasize your tiny waist. Horizontal lines of two-part swimsuit will make all your body parts (especially center) look thinner.
If you are smaller in the upper part:
Tread will add some size. Select uppers whose baskets are slightly separated, and connects fine line.
Upper part with a sponge, folds, print or stripes, you will add stripes, as one piece swimsuit with buckets.
If you are large:
Bathing suit in the right size is the right choice. Deep V expression and deep bottom will highlight your curves.
A good choice is the black one-piece swimsuit that binds to the line color, over the chest Dvodelnen swimsuit color, with several flounces will make you look feminine. Upper part that attaches around the neck will emphasize your upper half.
If you are smaller:
The lower part should have a low waist and tie on the side. It will add curves and make you look longer . One-piece suit with folds on the chest in the middle part will give you a sexy silhouette .Zig zag pattern will make your torso look more longer.Bikini with decorations will highlight your curves.

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