Friday, June 22, 2012

Excellent makeup looks for hot summer days

Summer is full of fun, good energy, sun and delicious cocktails. This summer continues the spring makeup trends, which means that virtually everything is permitted.

Shower eye brightly colored

Neon colors each summer in, so this, especially when it comes to showers. Depending on the look you want put the shower on the edge of the upper lashes as thick as you want. If you want a distinctive look, use liquid or gel shower and pull the upper line beyond the end of the lid so you turn it up.

Earth-tone bronze

for girls who each summer struggling with potemnuvanjeto skin this summer can vozdivnat. Now is the use of darker shades of makeup on lids, cheeks and lips. Speaking of the color palette is the color of earth, bronze shades, color of rust and peach color.

Strong and vigorous lips

Summer is the perfect time to give a little freedom. And when it comes to strong colors in these days especially popular are orange and hot pink color. If you choose to emphasize the lips, the rest of the make-up shall be less prominent.

Metallic shades

Easy flashy lids are very sexy, especially in hot summer days. When you dial a metallic shade of this season, better concentrate on warm colors - bronze, gold or kinky metallic colors - purple and blue.

Shadows in all colors

This is a perfect opportunity to try out crazy color covers. This season especially popular color of mint, turquoise blue (for brown eyes), orange (for blue eyes) and all shades of purple (for green eyes). With the use of strong colors rule next - start with a little - so first apply a little shadow, and then if necessary complement.

Interesting smokey eyes look

This is something interesting and something that is used for evening outings. Currently very popular combinations that spill, especially from blue to purple. These combinations evoke the sea and warm days or mermaid and action underwater.

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