Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fitness plan for lazy girls

Did not go to training because of your favorite TV series? Do not feel guilty-you can practice in front the TV screen...
Experts on healthy life the nutritionists Heer Bauer, Dietitians Tanja Kukerbrot and coach Brooke Maron-plotted several ways to burn calories and not miss a single second of your favorite series. Recognize that we like this idea, but this can not be a substitute for your usual workout. It's just a great SOS program for the days when you too lazy to walk to the gym.

1.Jump rope in four series after two minutes (111 calories)
2. Run up the stairs of his building as long as the ads (42 calories)
3.Stand in front of the couch, then do sit ups while your buttocks hardly touching the  seat.Hold this position one minute and repeat 4 times. (80 calories)
4. Lay down and lift your feets for 5 minutes (50 calories)
5. Do hand circles in three series of one minute (20 calories)
6. Take two weights of on 1kg or two cans, put your hands behind the head so that your elbows will be worth the ears and raise the weights or the cans ,do three sets of 1 minute exercise in order to strengthen the triceps. (17 calories)
7.Sit on the exercise ball and do stomach exercise for 1 min about 4 times. (50 calories)
8. If you do not like this idea, loose the muscles of your torso so that you sit on the ball an hour (38 calories)
9. Lie down in front of the TV, boot up the body with hands and hold that position for a minute. Repeat twice (35 calories)
10. Lay on the couch and set it back in so you'll be on cushions and legs at right angles to the waist.Bring the torso towards the legs and relax.Keep doing this as long as the ads are on. (30 calories)

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