Thursday, July 19, 2012

6 Dance Exercises for a Hot Body

Is there a better way of toning your body by dancing? Fun and effective way to hot body this summer.
The Los Angeles based coach Bizzie Gold devised range of 6 exercises based on dance movements and strong stretching. This cardio workouts that effectively burn calories and improve your flexibility.

Dance every move for 40 seconds and rest 10 seconds between. Repeat 3 times a week with one day rest.
These exercises except the disco dance floor will help in the bedroom.

Start in the position of push-ups. Breathe, hire the middle part and lower the hips. Breathe slowly and rise the hips back to the ceiling and head forward while dragging his left knee towards your chest. Back to the beginning and quickly change feet for a period of 40 seconds.
Stomach, arms, back, hips, legs

Stand with feet wider set the width of your shoulders, bend forward with legs straight and hands on the floor in front of you. Keeping your back straight, Engage your abs and turn the left foot to left foot, swinging both knees and hanging the right knee toward the center, to hover just above the floor. With hands still on the floor, jump feet returning to the starting position. Quickly change the sides.
Abdominal, back, arms, butt, legs

Kneel with your legs locked and bent forward slightly, hands joined before his chest. Jump with left foot to side, touching the floor with his finger, staying in the kneeling position with stretching the left arm diagonally through the head and down the right hand down slightly behind you. Jump little to change sides.
Legs, shoulders, back, buttocks, stomach

Stand with your feet constantly expanding the shoulders, legs straight. Tilt the arms back until they become almost parallel to the ceiling, then Engage abdominal muscles backing them inwards. Stretch your arms out to sides at the height of the level of the shoulders and move the torso from left to right and back again. Quickly repeat the movement from one another by 40 seconds.
Abdominal, back, arms, shoulders, hips

Position yourself face up, hands under shoulders supported on the ground, toes outward, hips and knees bent uploads. Stretch your right arm toward the ceiling as much chest to open, then hire the stomach and make circular movements with the hips in the direction clockwise. Do this 40 seconds and repeat on the opposite side.
Stomach, legs, shoulders, arms, back, butt, hips

Kneel with your legs well spread, toes to the side at an angle of 45 degrees, and hands comfortably placed on the thighs. Breathe in, press the stomach and publish your pelvis forward, then breathe out, activate the muscles of the lower back and fold the tail back and forth. Quickly change the moves 40 seconds.
Stomach, legs, back, buttocks, thighs

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