Sunday, July 22, 2012


To wear short skirts, legs need to be flawless, and you just recently discovered that your thighs are occurring deposits and swelling ... How can diet help? May, if the diet is used more root vegetables that promotes the excretion of accumulated fluid (swelling). So, carrot, beets, ginger ...
Potassium and vitamin C to strengthen the walls of capillaries, improving circulation and thus preventing the retention of fluids .. This diet provides about 1400 calories a day, the recommendation is to keep 2 weeks, and this time can lose about 3 pounds ..

Breakfast (same every day):
1/2 cup milk (0.1% fat), 1 cup rice with raisins, 2 Rusks or cappuccino with lean milk and 2 biscuits.
Lunch: 200 g.potatoe Gnocchi and carrots covered with tomato juice, red RADIC covered with yogurt.
Dinner: fish sheet of steam at least beet salad with radishes, 30 gr.bread
Lunch: puree of carrots and radishe 50 g. rice, 40 gr.posno white cheese grilled
Dinner: 1/4 roast chicken (without skin) with curry and ginger, Swiss chard steam.
Lunch: 120 g. roast beef with spices, white turnip with mushrooms, 30 g. bread.
Dinner: carrot wheels, zapecheni and covered with 1 egg, 40 gr.low fat cheese, salad, broccoli, radishes and cabbage.
Lunch: 60 g. short pasta with tomato juice and chopped peppers, 120 gr. baked hake, green salad.
Dinner: 100 g. turkey meat kebab, peppers, carrots and onions, bean salad with mint, 30 g. bread.
Lunch: Pasta with short steamed radishes with carrot and ginger salad of fresh celery.
Dinner: Steamed squid with peas, salad of chicory and radish, 30gr. bread.

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