Monday, July 30, 2012

Diet for sensitive skin without acne

Are you type of person that one of the biggest dream is face you without your acne, whose realization looks distant as the moon?
All the money thrown on creams, lotions and peels will be futile investment if we do not act at the root of the problem, or if sufficient amounts of food we consume.

Here are the mandatory items to be entered into your diet for sensitive skin without acne :
Consume plenty of fruits like oranges, strawberries and black grapes, and fruit juices. They are rich in vitamin C, which will help in rejuvenation of your skin from within.
Green Vegetables
Green vegetables such as green spinach and lettuce are known for rich content of antioxidants that help in clearing acne by drying excess oil and reduce inflammation.
Green Tea
Green tea helps prevent acne with their antioxidants and anti-inflammatory activity. Another benefit of it is that discarding harmful toxins from your body.
Drink 8 glasses of water a day to clean skin without acne. It will cleanse your system and will maintain body moisturises. If this becomes your daily routine you will see improvement soon.
Stop using sugar
Well known fact is that too much sugar can worsen the acne condition.Avoid some bars with high sugar content which can aggravate the skin condition.
Stop for some oil's
When you have a problem with acne, you should be careful with some oils, like sunflower or corn,they increase inflammation and lead to acne.
Stop for some dairy products
Diet rich in dairy products, especially from inorganic origin, can increase the level of hormones in the body resulting in increased excretion of sebum, closed pores and more acne.
TEST PERIOD: Because different products operate differently in different people, you need to experiment. First start with the gradual elimination of waste products from your menu and make photographs before and after.

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