Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fresh and younger look in 10 Steps

First look at the girl in the photo and have to agree with us that the difference is great. With minimal make-up you can achieve a lot, but if you know exactly what to do. Let's start ...

First apply concealer around the eyes and elsewhere if needed.

Apply liquid foundation of the whole person and do it with the help of a brush.

The next step is applying powder powder to achieve a porcelain complexion and matte appearance.

Blush in coral shades. Coral shades are universal and suit all skin types.

Lipstick in neutral color. Avoid pink and red shades during the day. You can only use gloss or lipstick in beige shades.

Eyebrows should always be well-formed and, if necessary, highlight them with a pencil or shadow in the same color as your natural hair.

Apply shadow to the upper lid. Choose neutral colors that do not differ too much from your complexion. What you need to accomplish is even not notice that you put the shade. So I put quite a bit.

With the help of a thin brush or brown pencil draw it the top cover but do not go out of line.

Finally apply mascara.

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