Wednesday, October 3, 2012

7 tricks to well toned body

No need for new strict diet and exhausting fitness programs, now you can just upgrade your current routine with these seven tricks to achieve much better results.
Change the FITNESS routine
Most people practice standard cardio workouts and workout to strengthen.Change the order of these two higher score.
Do 20 minutes of strengthening exercises with lifting weights and 20-40 minutes one form of cardio (conveyor belt or stationary bike) and will literally chew the fat cells.
Consume protein at each meal
If you want to follow one rule to make wise dietary protein that is eating .
You will feel satisfied in a while and it will prevent impulsive nibbling.
Good source of protein are eggs, fish, yogurt and nuts.

Practice exercises with legs greatest INCINERATION
Exercises as Kneel become activate the biggest muscle in the human body, which burns the most calories. When combined with small weights they carry an amazing result.
Reduce the resting time 
One study showed that people who resting only 35 seconds between exercises burned 27 percent more fat than those resting 3 minutes.
It is best to do two exercises for the same body part or opposing muscle groups such as chest and back.
Less holiday means to do the same number of exercises, but in less time.
Double Warm-up
Heating reduces the possibility of injury, increases coordination and concentration. Do 5 to 10 minutes of cardio to increase the body temperature and to relax muscles, then rotations body squats and kicks.
Eat before exercise
Recent research has shown that approximately burn the same amount of body fat, whether you eat or not before.
But exercise will make it hungry to use glycogen (stored glucose for energy) that will cause you to burn muscle instead of your chest.
Watch the mini snacks
With the mini snacks its hard to limit yourself to one serving, so you can  eat another portion and double greater than the regular.
Psychologists say that because of the low calorie small snacks we're allow  our self's to eat another portion.

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