Thursday, December 13, 2012

CAROLINA HERRERA Handbags for Spring 2013

 CAROLINA HERRERA Handbags for Spring CAROLINA HERRERA Handbags for Spring

With the start of  2013 we can invest in real alternative accessories. Carolina Herrera focuses on the development of the principles that made ​​the label famous collection for Fall / Winter 2012 as well: elegant elements that fail to offer an incredible amount of flexibility in combination with beautiful  color palette that aims to meet the style needs contemporary fashion. 
Spring season brings a variety of entertainment options, some of the most stylish options have grown in the past, as well as some new features that bring a little freshness with new alternatives. 

The collection suit most styles, which means that the label has focused on these styles for the most part. Aside from perforated leather trend leather texture with matte label also takes advantage of the luxurious atmosphere of the exotic skin texture.

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