Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Perfect Winter Combinations

Already everything smells of winter, but does not mean you no good in winter parties. Please catches depression at the thought of colorful summer combinations? Here are some suggestions that perfectly suit for different kinds of parties in the winter.

Leather leggings and wide sweater

Leather leggings, wide sweater and high heels - it is an easy and casual look. Accessories such as striking earrings and bags with different prints, make the whole combination more trendy. Do not overdo it with accessories, select a limited number (eg, jewelry earrings all that you need with this combination), in order to not "crowded" your appearance.

Winter ambient

The easiest way to get hot, as well as to fit into the cold weather ambient, is to add to the overall  look a jacket, vest or scarf. On the one hand, it is so simple combination, on the other hand is so feminine.Tight jeans, monochromatic shirt, fur vest, and of course high heels. Appearance "season" just a piece of distinctive jewelry.

Contrast between casual and feminine

Start your look with a feminine skirt and interesting, simple jersey. Coat will achieve a slight contrast between the casual and feminine look. Complete the look with heels ankle and earrings. Never thought of this combination? 

Add hot accessories

In the winter it is easy to exaggerate by adding, so stick to simple basis, for example jeans and monochromatic blouse, and add interesting winter accessories. Colorful scarf or shawl can serve as accessories. Wear high boots with high heels, because it could easily visually to add a kilo, try jeans to be tight, blouse draws your structure. Do not overdo it with accessories.

Dress + tights + leather jacket

Who said that your favorite dress could not be combine in the winter? Select tights and a leather jacket, plus high boots ankle or low boots. Finish the look with long and feminine necklace. In this way to balance things, jacket and shoes with the dress and the chain.

Hot mix in winter

Here's a combination of a little more solemnly occasion. Just because it's winter does not mean you have to give the short pants. Combine with thicker tights. Select black and simply coat which resembles those of costumes and simple jersey. Attract attention with striking heels and red lips.

Casual Style

This look may not be suitable for a nightclub, but is perfect for socializing with colleagues or informal entertainment at home. Look comfortable, warm and relaxed, and you are not overloaded with clothes. Corduroy pants and simply sweet sweaters will help to achieve the desired effect.

Dress with long sleeves and high boots

Great winter combination for fun! The combination is so chic, feminine and simple. Such patterns of dresses are perfect for winter, and perhaps it would be best to choose a monochrome tint which would easily combine with your shoes or fashion accessories.

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