Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tips for face cleansing

We all understand how beautiful and cultivated tan can fix our appearance and confidence. For someone genetics was quite enough, but for most people have to work harder to achieve beautiful skin of the face.

Here are some useful tips how to make your skin shining even when you take off the make-up

1.Remove the makeup first with wet wipes or some other means for removing makeup and then wash it with gel. Gel for removing makeup in most cases do not clean the corrector and traces of powder, so it is not sufficient.

2.After washing the face obligatory clean and tonic for the face.Regardless of what complexion you dial mild tonics that will rejuvenate your skin and will not irritate.

3.Do not exaggerate the wash. Washing the face with preparations frequently than twice a day can hurt you more than help. If you have sensitive skin, recommends washing once a day and at night before bedtime.

4.Regularly clean pores.

5.Buy products that suit your skin need not be expensive, but it is important to have good quality.

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