Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Useful beauty tricks from beauty experts

Editors of magazines for beauty, portals and blogs, and authors of best sellers books for makeup and beauty tips, reveal their best secrets for beautiful and healthy look.

 The lash curler to be hold under running hot water for about 10 seconds and then use them. You get better results than when you do the cool accessories.- The best habit you can adopt for a nice appearance and healthy body is consuming enough water. Hydration helps skin retain moisture and shine, improves metabolism and helps the body make better use of energy. Do not forget the occasional person to sprinkle water to keep fresh look.

- If you have a problem with pimples on the chin and lower jaw, bear with me anytime disinfectant on the hands, especially if you often sit on the computer and touching objects in public spaces. Most of us unconsciously touch Mon chin, making bacteria spread from hands to the face.

- After 35th year must fully forget about using of heavy powder in order to avoid to look older. Powder escapes into the wrinkles around the eyes and helps to faster aging of skin.- Regardless of season, solar radiation can do to destroy the fresh, healthy and youthful looking skin, so do not go anywhere without the cream Protections effect.

- If your nails had become yellowish because using dark varnish, rub them with a nail brush and toothpaste. This way you will refresh your nails and will restore handsome appearance.

- Always sleep on a satin or silk pillow to your hair does not tangle and not breaking while turning in his sleep.

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