Thursday, October 25, 2012

20 minutes with a fitness ball to perfect body

Formula for a healthy and beautiful body: proper, balanced and healthy diet combined with regular sport activities.
In terms of diet - our blog offers a variety of nutrition and effective regimens that will really help you to reduce your weight, but we recommend the sport to be a part of your life if you want nice, not just a weak body. You must agree with us that there is a huge difference between one and the other.

Your daily training with the ball is supposed to be about twenty minutes. Through нетот has myriad instructions for exercises with the ball, and you only need to obtain the ball, to be motivated enough and exercises do not worry, over time you master them all.
Good exercise for the buttocks, thighs, waist.

Butt and thighs, while the arms and shoulders:

Outer part of the thighs and pelvis:

Buttocks and back of the upper thigh:

Ball push-ups for upper body:


Spine back and relax:

Very important exercise - ball sit-ups  despite wall buttocks and thighs:

To strengthen the buttocks:

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