Wednesday, November 21, 2012

6 Exercises for a flat stomach

Whether you love or hate yoga, you are free to steal yoga blocks.
New York coach Terri Walsh invented the range of 5 exercises that says: "I designed these exercises blocks ABOUT those you thrown out of balance, so it may be forced to stimulate the abdominal muscles help to stabilize."
You need two yoga blocks. Repeat the exercises 3 times a week and in a month you will start noticing results.


Sit on the edge of the block, right foot stretch it with the heel of the other block and tilt back so that his left forearm will be on the floor. Stretch your left leg up and grasp the wrist with his right hand, as shown in the picture to get started.
Lower the left foot to the block, rotate the torso to the right and embrace your right knee toward chest with his left hand and the right hand on the floor. Back to top, repeat 30 seconds, then change sides.

Lie face up and legs stretched upward. Pinch the block between the sheets, put your hands on your forehead and engage stomach to lift the shoulders off the floor.
Keep your stomach tight while pushing your hips to the right, bringing the right elbow towards the left thigh, as shown in the picture. Then turn your hips to the left, bringing the left elbow towards the right thigh. Continue changing parties in the course of 2 minutes.


Circuit blocks and sit on them, with knees bent, feet on the floor, tilted back and leaning his forearms on the floor. Place your left foot on the right, and tap the floor with the left foot, placing it right ankle on the left knee.Spread your legs in a large "V", as shown in the picture.
Then swirl your feet in the opposite direction (right foot on the floor, the left ankle of the right foot). Do this 1 minute.

Start with the right foot forward, left knee block, the other block on the inner side of the right foot forward. Tilt forward, place your right forearm block, left forearm in vertical block on the ground and stretch your right leg behind you on the left.
Open the torso to the left, reaching with his left hand up as an image.Return the arm to the floor. Open the torso to the right, lifting his right hand now. Continue this for 30 seconds. Change sides and repeat.

Put blocks on the floor wider than hip width, body one vertical, the other horizontal. Stand with your right foot vertical block left knee lift height hips, arms stretched out to the right at the height of the shoulders.
Bloc with the right foot, squat with your left foot off the other block, reaching with his right hand to touch the left foot, left hand over his head.Back to top 1 minute and repeat.

Start on all fours with his right hand block that your body is vertical, left hand on the floor, left foot flat on the horizontal block, toes turned outward to the left and right leg stretched behind you on the floor.
Open the torso to the left, stretching his hand up. Back to top, then tap the right foot to his left heel. Back to top repeat 1 minute, then change sides.

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