Monday, January 21, 2013

Ombre Style Lips

For quite some time many stars are followers of the ombre hair style and manicure, but what you are saying now for the very latest trend your lips are following the same trend? when you want the emphasis to be on your lips, with this makeup, never wrong. Too bold, feminine and seductive. Sweet shades on your lips is all you need for this spring. Everyone would like to kiss her lips that Pour and seduce. To get this look, you need lipstick in two shades or different colored pencils.
Ombre style is commonly used in shiny shades of lipstick, but darker look good for evening outings. One of the advantages of this style of makeup lips is what makes them look full, so is a great trick for those with thinner lips.Red, orange and pink are fantastic colors to play with them, to get this look, but the rest of the makeup is compulsory to be neutral if you do not want to look vulgar.
For this makeup you need two different colored lipsticks, lip pencil the same color as the darker lipstick and eye shadow in the same color as the darker lipstick.
First upper lip make-up with bright lipstick, while lower applying the pencil, then applying lipstick and finally put a stronger effect of the eye shadow. See how well it seems this style and maybe you dare to apply for one of your outings.

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