Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Manicure Trends For This Season

Beautiful, trendy and spectacular colors of nail varnish which simply have to try them this year!
In the days ahead the nail polish will be one of the basic and most important "accessory", and we are bringing you the list of the seven favored trends in the world of manicures, directly from the runways!

Neutral color(different shades of skin color): because they are always in vogue. Simple, classy, ​​sophisticated, classic and fits.
Metallic shades - One of the biggest trends this season are metallic colors. Metallic colors are neutral and act very effectively and powerfully.
Velvet Nail - Well if they believe the trends , the Velvet nails this year will take a big swing. Sophisticated and unusual, for girls who want to be different.
Tropical fruits -  although designers claim that this season darker and subtle tones will reign in the world of fashion, Dior launched orbit and three wonderful summer shades in the colors of the tropical fruit.
All shades of Green: fashion guide will suggest that green mark in 2013, with all its shades of emerald green and lovely mint color. Strange, yet trendy, irresistible and perfect for spring days.

Black Color -  It looks beautiful on short nails, and try to carry it with cream or white clothes and showy silver or gold ring. If the black is too "extreme" for you the alternative solution is gray.
The colors of precious stones - Big trend will be dark shades of purple, red, blue and yellow. Powerful, luxurious and elegant

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