Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nails inspired by fashion shows

We all slowly renew our wardrobe with clothes that would be a convenient for coming months. For our complete look to take care of the smallest details. Runways and fashion shows new paint coatings were observed to be fashionable this season.

See which colors are decided designers to decorate the models nails, which you find most at your liking and what suit your style.

ARMANIArmani proved once again that classic never goes out of fashion and that dark red varnish always suitable for autumn and winter days.
Kate SpadeThis time we can see nails total retro black with white spots and very charming, and the shape is curved.
Tracy Reese Golden and silver metal shades this season are replaced with turquoise metallic hues and dress in the same color you will be doing a disco diva.
Diorpale lavender shades that were seen on the catwalk Dior perfectly suit for work or afternoon coffee with girlfriends.
Zac Posenbright red nail varnish never goes out of fashion, but the nails have to be neatly and always impeccably glossy.
ALICE & OLIVIABlack has never been more in the gothic style this time decorated with sparkles in silver shades.Would fit with the small silver handbag or radiant dress for the disco.
ValentinoSimple and sophisticated in a pale gray tint colored nails magazine Valentino. What kind of clothes and put yourself these nails will suit.
RuffianOval nails are again popular, and even better is if you find a paste with velvet bow, it is now the latest fashion. Such nails can view in the fashion shows by Ruffian. 
Louis GrayBlack and white manicure is the new way nail varnishing. French manicure gets a new look which is very interesting and chic. 
Jean Paul GaultierSilver metallic sheen to your nails is a winning combination. So John has used this arc of his show and subtly attention will be drawn to your nails.


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