Tuesday, November 6, 2012

7 Home Remedies Against Flu

If you feel that the misery of the flu, except with colleagues knocking your doors, it's time to do something. She irritating sore throat or unbearable headache Facilitate flu with some home remedies.
Here's what to do when the symptoms of the flu:

Drink lots of fluids
Flu you may be dehydrated especially if fever is accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea. Drink water and fruit џусеви and take electrolytes further.
Sore throat drink herbal tea with honey, slowly sip by sip. Avoid caffeine these days, especially alcohol. Also lick many tablets for the relief of pain in the throat.
Lemon tea: Drain 2 lemons and mix with the same amount of hot, but not boiling water. Sweetened with honey and drink warm.Vitamin C will boost immunity. Also good chamomile tea, ginger and lime.
Each parent gives chicken soup their sick child. Studies have proven that it really relieves flu symptoms, especially inflammation of the respiratory tract.
The scent and steam from the hot soup makes you feel better, and there is the emotional effect that someone made the soup for you.
Letting yourself to slothful
Listen to your body, so if you say you do not practice, practice. If you feel you need to spend all day in bed do it.
Rest is another way to help your body to fight the infection, and eight hours of sleep at night a friend of your immunity.
Expose yourself to the STEAM 
The steam will unplug the nostrils and relieve the pain in the throat. Shower and wash several times a day with hot water or just let him shower, sit in the bathroom and inhale the steam.
Make inhalation
Preheat pot with water when you boil remove from ринглата bend over it and cover with a towel. Breathe deeply through your nose for 30 seconds.Add a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil to the water for extra effect.
People with asthma should not practice this method.
Use the heat
To get rid of headaches and sinus pains place heated cap on his head. Warm clothing can help reduce pain.
Gargle with salt water
Do gargle with salt water to remove thick mucus gathers in the back of the throat, especially after sleep. It will also help in unplugging the clogged ears. 

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