Thursday, February 28, 2013

13 Tips for a Flat Stomach

13 Tips for a Flat
There is no magic for a flat stomach, you need to combine diet and exercise to achieve this much desired result.
Here is the right combination for the fastest result:
  1. Cut out the white bread and switch to an equivalent of whole grains, which is full of fiber and will keep you eaten in a while.
  2. Replace the calcium-rich dairy products, with products that have a reduced fat content. The taste is almost the same, and they are much healthier for you!
  3. Do not drink sodas, they are empty calories, fructose corn syrup, which stick to your structure. Even dietary types lead to excess pounds.
  4. To speed up your metabolism eat 5 times a day by little, rather than 2.3 times a lot. Easy breakfast, dinner with protein snacks between. He will continually work without interruptions, so you will be fit.
  5. Day try to have 5 times intake of fruits or vegetables. They provide you with fiber and antioxidants, and energy that slowly consumes.
  6. As much as hate to have to do abs. But mix several types, so do at least 2 sets of 15 stomach and gradually build up every day.
  7. Stand or squat like to sit on the chair. It looks easy, but it is not, do 2 sets of 15 a day.
  8. Use ball workout. That exercise ball and do you'll need a balance, so you tone your stomach further.
  9. Lie down straight and bend your knees and engage stomach to lift your legs up and slowly come back down, but without touching the floor. The second way is to lie down, put his hands on the side and straight leg lift opening his heels from the floor and leave so much as you can to start 35-40 seconds. Will hurt at first, but the dust of your feet is great for the stomach.
  10. Running or brisk walking is another great way of toning your stomach, and it is good for the heart and bones.
  11. After strenuous exercise rather than lie in bed, do some yoga stretching. It is good for the body and relieve stress.
  12. Trust your mother, sit upright! Holding back taut will tone stomach muscles, perfect circle, is not it?
  13. After some time exercise, add weights. Small dumbbells of 1 kilogram beside the stomach will tone the hands too.


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